Data Engineering

Create new value from your enterprise data

Your data has the power to propel your business to its next stage—establish the right foundation to unlock its full potential

We can help your teams transform from data-bound to data-fueled, so you can use your data to its fullest value

Data lakes & warehouses

Fast-track data lake and data warehouse implementation to meet real-time, changing business needs

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Data pipelining

Develop robust data ingestion, ETL/ELT, and transformation pipelines for on-prem, cloud-native, and hybrid environments

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Data analytics

Process diverse data at massive scale and speed to uncover meaningful business insights

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Create a foundation of intelligent automation with ML platforms and models, ML lifecycle management, and MLOps

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Data ops

Optimize data quality, data pipeline execution, and resource usage with robust end-to-end solutions

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Your raw data,
Our digital engineering,
Maximum performance and insights delivered

With in-house accelerators comes faster digital change, meaning your business gets data-empowered in its most efficient, effective way

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In a system made for your business, tapping into the power of your data isn’t just possible—it’s effortless