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Lifecycle and data management

Operations for diverse structures

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ML & data science platforms

Create, manage, and deploy ML models at scale

  • Workflow and model development with analysis and iterative refinement
  • Analytical support and transitions for structured or unstructured datasets
  • End-to-end modernization of legacy architectures and workloads

Success drivers:

  • AI/ML adoption assessment
  • Schema matching
  • AIOps
  • Natural language question answering and chatbots
  • Languages & deep learning frameworks
  • Gathr: Data pipeline platform
Creating & scaling models

Build a foundation for intelligent data usage

  • Data pattern identification
  • Model and prototype creation based on samples and unsupervised learnings
  • AI/ML for system creation, performance analysis, and forecasting

Success drivers:

  • Incident severity prediction
  • Natural language question answering and chatbots
  • Caller intent identification
  • Attribute management
ML lifecycle automation

Automation for ML pipelines, model management, and deep learning architectures

  • Automated and reproducible ML workflows
  • Distributed ML models with customized feature design and stores
  • Model productionalization, retraining, and registry at scale

Success drivers:

  • Gathr: Data pipeline platform
  • Support for Python, Django, Flask, and Shiny
  • OCR and image analytics solutions

Centralized platform for model management

  • On-prem and cloud-based solutions
  • Pipelines for model development, training, validation, and scoring
  • Collaborative model and metadata management and metrics tracking

Success drivers:

  • Gathr: Data pipeline platform
  • Engineering blueprints and patterns
  • CI/CD

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