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Reimagine next-gen modernization with Google Cloud

Drive the future of data engineering, analytics, and GenAI with Impetus and Google Cloud

Accelerate digital transformation with Impetus and Google Cloud collaboration

  • Align business and tech strategies for cohesive implementation.

  • Develop use case architecture to guide project execution.

  • Prototype your vision with our Cloud Launchpad, Maturity Model, and Adoption Framework.

  • Harness the power of GenAI and Machine Learning for innovation.

  • Utilize BigQuery Analytics for comprehensive data analysis.

  • Implement serverless computing and API management to streamline operations.

  • Leverage Managed Kubernetes Service (GKE) for streamlined operations.

  • Utilize Anthos to enhance scalability and flexibility.

  • Implement cutting-edge data and analytics solutions for future-proofing your organization.

Empower your business with our Google Cloud solutions and services

Data & Analytics

  • Unified data platform creation
  • Data-as-a-Service, Analytics-as-a-Service
  • Massive-scale data processing and analytics

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GenAI & ML

  • GenAI & ML platforms solution architecture
  • Model creation and scaling
  • Cloud AI services
  • MLOps and AIOps

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  • Modern data platform management/monitoring/support
  • DORA Metrics & DevSecOps
  • Containerization & GitOps
  • Data governance & management

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Application modernization

  • Cloud migration and maturity assessment
  • Microservices and containerization
  • Native and cross-platform mobile applications
  • UI/UX

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Architecture consulting

  • Technology evaluation and benchmarking
  • Scalable elastic architectures
  • Architectural audits
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud architectures

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End-to-end solutions and accelerators to power positive outcomes on Google Cloud

Automated transformation of data warehouses, ETL, Hadoop, BI, mainframe, reporting, and analytics workloads to Google Cloud with zero business disruption.



  • 4x faster transformation than traditional methods​
  • 2x cheaper than manual migration
  • Preserves 100% of current investment and business logic​​

Speed up unified data platform creation, quickly fueling diverse business use cases and overseeing its entire lifecycle.​​



  • Rapid data lake creation in a few clicks​
  • Scalable implementation with minimal configuration​​
  • Unified interface for data access and policy management
  • Intelligent storage tiering for cost optimization

Mitigate risk with AI-powered DevOps for enhanced productivity, resilience, and maturity, with unified views and predictive issue tracking.​



  • Up to 75% faster release cycles​
  • Up to 30% quicker debugging
  • Up to 60% automated incident resolution and routing​
  • Enhanced security and DevOps posture (Shift Left)​

Shift your strategy from “cloud-first” to “cloud-smart.” Address increasing cloud costs due to uncontrolled expansion, lack of spend visibility, and technical debt.​



  • Up to 40% cost reduction​
  • Rapid insights within hours of receiving cost data​
  • 50% faster identification of cost bottlenecks​
  • AI-powered insights on consumption and performance​

Supporting customers achieve superior results with Google Cloud

Automated infrastructure and no-touch application deployment

  • Reduced 30% YoY cost by migrating on-prem data center to Google Cloud

  • Managed applications on Google Cloud with 99.99% SLA adherence for 80M queries with 20 msecs response time

Provided cloud archive product on Google Cloud

  • 99.5% availability of resources and data

  • Cloud native multi-tenant image management system to manage patient data  including imaging studies and associated patient medical information

Provided enterprise grade data lake, which act as a single source of truth

  • Overall maintenance cost reduction by 35%

  • Reduced 85% of admin cost

  • Reduced the overall turn-around time by 65% for use case industrialization

Rearchitected a solution to become Google Cloud compatible

  • Migration to cloud was required to reduce data center costs and hardware failure issues to guarantee 5 9’s availability for the platform

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