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Cloud Cost Optimizer


Optimize Spend

Maximize Efficiency

Identify Waste

Recommendations for increasing ROI


Are spiraling costs and a lack of transparency weighing your business down?

Explore our ready-to-use solution that tracks cloud spending across teams, accounts, and business units in a single dashboard

50% faster identification of cost bottlenecks

Actionable cloud cost monitoring and recommendations

Up to 40% reduction in cloud cost

Predictable cloud cost management

AI-powered spend anomaly detection

Maximize cloud ROI with chargebacks, alerts, and actions

Don’t stop with the identification of cloud cost savings; from assessment to savings, we’ve got you covered.

Cloud Assessment

Do you know the spend details across your cloud ecosystem?


  • Detailed reports on cloud spend across regions, accounts and teams
  • Cloud Architecture Maturity Assessment (CAMA) for deep insights into workloads
Cost Optimization

Can you identify the waste amidst your cloud spend?


  • Quick cost summary and department-wise tagging details 
  • Interactive dashboard for detailed insights into cloud usage and costs 
  • Identification of long-running and underutilized resources for optimization
Cost Management

Can you automate the management of your cloud spend and sustain savings?


  • Enforce FinOps management policies and best practices
  • Create and setup unified view for key cost KPIs.
  • Improve cross team collaboration and simplify operation.
  • Automated alerts for budget violations and actions like terminating unused instances

We prefer to let the results speak for themselves

See how we have helped our customers optimize cloud spend and enhance their cloud ROI

40% cost savings

with automated Hadoop migration to AWS EMR

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80% OpEx savings

with an auto-scalable data platform on AWS

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50% cloud expense reduction

with a ‘shift-left’ approach

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60% reduction in infrastructure cost

with a centralized data lake on AWS

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Choose a cloud cost optimization package best suited to your needs


Point-in-time cloud spend assessment to review and identify cost hotspots with a dedicated cloud cost advisor

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For FREE $0 assessment to understand your cloud costs

Assessment and recommendations

Automated assessment with an action plan to meaningfully reduce cloud spend with a cloud cost advisor

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For $12K or less than $400/day, you can save up to 30% of your cloud spend and get 3 additional checkups to access progress

Optimization via managed services

Ongoing tool access plus continuous support for analysis of cloud spend with recommendations for savings and optimization

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For $50K or less than $150/day, get access to dashboards plus a cost advisor to manage your cloud spend and identify savings while you focus on your core business goals

Looking for more reasons to try our solution?

Pre-built dashboards to analyze cost based on region, services, and instance types

Automated actions on budget violations and anomalies

Integration with Jira, Slack, and ServiceNow for issue tracking

Multi-cloud visibility for unified monitoring at the account level

Supports all major public cloud platforms and deep optimization of the broader ecosystem

Access to dev. team, line managers, and BU owners, along with IT teams

Learn more on how we can help you optimize cloud spend

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Cloud Cost Optimizer

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Transform and optimize your cloud spend

Solve the cloud cost management puzzle with Impetus’ easy-to-implement, AI-powered Cloud Cost Optimizer

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