Saved 80% operational cost with an auto-scalable data platform on AWS for a leading US healthcare technology firm - Impetus

Saved 80% operational cost with an auto-scalable data platform on AWS for a leading US healthcare technology firm

Improved operational efficiency by enabling the rapid development of analytical and transactional products with integrated healthcare data access


Business needs

A leading US healthcare technology company wanted to enable a multi-tenant platform to support the development of transactional and analytical products by providing historical and streaming enterprise healthcare data to business units via data products and self-service toolkits. The firm wanted to develop a highly scalable cloud platform that would enable it to: 

  • Unify, prepare, democratize, and interchange data through advanced cloud-based platform capabilities 
  • Process required datasets like claims, eligibility, directories, etc.
  • Ensure the platform complies with privacy standards of HIPAA and stores all the datasets as FHIR-enabled profiles
  • Create an end-to-end suite for payers with an admin portal to onboard users
  • Improve patient experience and streamline customer onboarding with seamless access to healthcare data across different platforms
  • Get integrated data from disparate sources like insurance claims, pharmacy claims, medical billing, etc.

Compared to legacy data warehouses, the AWS-powered data platform has saved 80% of operational expenses



The Impetus team leveraged the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build an auto-scalable, fault-tolerant platform for the company. The advanced platform enabled the firm to store electronic data from multiple sources. Additional analytics and transformation services were incorporated to support the real-time handling of data and improve business outcomes.

Solution highlights:

  • Created a common data model to store a variety of EDI data categories, which reduced the development effort for the new pipeline by 75%
  • Built a secured Bring Your Own Developer (BYOD) solution with a Lego block concept that enabled customers to implement several Legos (such as EDI parser, XML parser, normalization, extraction, etc.) into pipelines 
  • Created a Patient Data Exchange (PDE) platform on AWS that enabled patient data access across multiple health insurance providers 
  • Partnered with Smile CDR to persist FHIR resources and provide API for smooth data egress 
  • Created metadata management service for performing end-to-end data lineage 
  • Supported complex data transformations for names, contacts, and addresses using Smarty Streets API, gender, dates, etc. 
  • Built a unique patient index for the conjunction of all patient data across various sources (foundation to patient 360) 
  • Supported transactions for different healthcare data formats (such as roster and radiology) to improve the overall extensibility of the system

Streamlined onboarding of customers and enabled them to start sharing files from the third day of contract execution



The AWS-powered data platform helped the healthcare technology firm accelerate its digital transformation by handling data ingestion, conversion to FHIR, standardization, patient identity matching, and data rights management. It helped the firm achieve better clinical and business outcomes, driving the following key changes:

  • Saved 80% of operational expenses
  • Streamlined customer onboarding
  • Expedited customer access to the platform, enabling them to share files within three days of contract execution
  • Enabled customers to bring their proprietary assets or run any custom logic to get deeper insights (via the Lego block concept)
  • Created a unique patient index to identify patient requests originating from different sources seamlessly

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