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Architecture Consulting

Delivering strong cloud environments from the ground up

Cloud-first strategy

Operationalization for individual, hybrid, & multi-cloud environments

Cloud-agnostic recommendations for digital maturity

Audits with recommendations

Evaluation & benchmarking

Migration support

Cloud adoption strategies & enablement

End-to-end recommendations for individual, hybrid, & multi-cloud environments

  • Cloud-first strategies that align with budget and timelines
  • Adoption, architecture, and ecosystem recommendations
  • Tailor-made, low-friction solutions to empower enterprises and teams

Success drivers:

  • Architecture blueprints
  • Templates for accelerated modernization
Technology evaluation & benchmarking

Strategic analysis of enterprise systems

  • Security, cost, and performance evaluation of services, tools, frameworks, and technologies
  • Exploration and performance measurement of different cloud providers
  • Evaluations and benchmarking for managed instances vs. serverless databases and streaming services

Success drivers:

  • Serverless catalogue
  • Cloud service mapping for data analytics
Scalable elastic architectures

Solutions that fit an enterprise for the present and future

  • Scalable, reliable business-driven solutions
  • Severless-first or microservices-first approaches as needed
  • Performance and cost-effective solutions for all architectures, including large scale and high volume systems

Success drivers:

  • Prescriptive architecture blueprints
  • AWS MAP partnerships
Architectural audits

Analysis and recommendations for all kinds of infrastructures

  • Well-defined process and frameworks for single-cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid environments to evaluate best practices, security, and more
  • Maturity assessments for operations, cost, security, performance, and reliability
  • Evaluations and recommendations to build high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructures

Success drivers:

  • Prescriptive architecture blueprints
  • Cloud Architecture Maturity Assessment (CAMA)
Hybrid & multi-cloud architectures

Expert recommendations for complex infrastructures

  • Pragmatic solutions that accommodate hybrid and multi-cloud needs
  • Architecture patterns that increase agility through tiers, partitions, cloud bursting, and more
  • Application modernization, management, and governance without lock-in

Success drivers:

  • Prescriptive architecture blueprints

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Building a mature foundation for life in the cloud

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Address your desired use case across critical analytic dimensions

  • Explore architecture options with experts

  • Ensure strategic alignment of business and technology

  • Architect an ideal solution for a pressing problem

  • Validate new or refactor existing architecture

  • Develop a prototype with expert guidance

  • Establish a roadmap to production

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