DevOps on AWS - Impetus

DevOps on AWS

Manage modern data platforms on AWS cloud with AI-driven DevOps

As an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner, Impetus has extensive experience using native AWS services across the DevOps lifecycle, including automation, security, monitoring, and CI/CD. We also have experience using cloud-agnostic tools like Jenkins, Docker, Grafana, Prometheus, etc.

Cloud automation

Cloud operations

Security and governance

Innovative automation levers

Cost management

Advanced monitoring tools

Seamlessly manage mission-critical use cases on AWS

Cloud operation

Manage modern data cloud at scale

  • 24×7 cloud administration
  • Infrastructure provisioning
  • Infra, platform, and application monitoring
  • Instance patching and upgrades

Success drivers

  • DevOps 360
  • Terraform cloud automation library
  • Self-serve automated help desk
Continuous innovation

Efficient operationalization with smart DevOps

  • Continuous integration, delivery, and deployment
  • Predictive and forecasting on operational data
  • Cloud operations automation

Success drivers

  • DevOps 360
  • Self-serve automated help desk
Security & governance

Quick-to-implement, scalable security and compliance for modern data platform

  • Network and infra security
  • User management and access controls
  • Web security and firewalls
  • Data encryption
  • Proactive, real-time monitoring and threat detection

Success drivers

  • DevOps 360
  • Cloud security enabler
Cost optimization

Optimize cloud cost with resource optimization

  • Resource tagging
  • Cost control and budgets
  • Resource optimization

Success drivers

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Solve challenges across the data value chain

Experience cloud DevOps services in action


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