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Looking to adopt AWS for improved operational and clinical efficiency, enhanced patient care, and cost optimization? We can help!

As an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner, we have helped multiple healthcare enterprises propel their digital transformation and innovation programs by reaping the benefits of an AWS-native stack.

Architecture consulting

Data platform engineering

Data workload modernization

App migration & modernization

DevOps & Cloud cost engineering


Reimagined healthcare with purpose-built solutions and services for cloud

Data platform modernization

Build enterprise-grade healthcare platform with AWS

  • Mitigate technical debt by sunsetting legacy solutions, improving data availability, and leveraging advanced analytics
  • Scale enterprise cloud adoption while prioritizing data security and compliance
  • Create an enterprise data platform for seamless access to healthcare data, enabling strategic planning and market penetration
  • Enhance patient and physician experience with fast, secure access to accurate EHR data

Automated DevOps for improved patient satisfaction

  • Continuous platform monitoring, restricted data access, and CIS benchmarking for watertight security on the cloud
  • Infrastructure as code to reduce provisioning efforts, implement services, monitor applications
  • Intuitive dashboards for real-time insights into operational metrics, ensuring optimized performance of healthcare platforms and applications
  • Cross-region disaster recovery for the continuous availability of crucial healthcare applications and data
Application modernization

Purpose-built applications for clinical systems

  • Patient health monitoring with the integration of biometric health devices with mobile applications
  • Live interaction with patients and healthcare providers with teleconferencing and push notification integration
  • Intuitive dashboard with patient journey, single-pane view of daily activities, upcoming tests, vital stats, etc.

Predictive and prescriptive analytics for improved patient care

  • AI/ML-based prediction of supply chain and inventory
  • Detection of diabetic retinopathy using image analytics
  • Predicting hospital re-admissions with high accuracy
  • OCR-based automation for a mobile healthcare solutions provider

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