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Data platform engineering

  • Unified data platform creation
  • Data-as-a-Service, Analytics-as-a-Service
  • Massive-scale data processing and analytics

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  • Gen AI & ML platforms solution architecture
  • Model creation and scaling
  • Cloud AI services
  • MLOps and AIOps

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  • Modern data platform management/ monitoring/ support
  • DORA Metrics & DevSecOps
  • Containerization & GitOps
  • Data governance and management

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Architecture consulting

  • Technology evaluation and benchmarking
  • Scalable, elastic architectures
  • Architectural audits
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud architectures

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Application modernization

  • Cloud migration and maturity assessment
  • Microservices and containerization
  • Native and cross-platform mobile applications
  • UI/UX

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Achieve data and AI-driven outcomes effortlessly with our solutions and accelerators on Databricks

Automated transformation of data warehouses, ETL, Hadoop, BI, and analytics workloads to Databricks with zero business disruption.​



  • 4x faster transformation than traditional methods​
  • 2x cheaper than manual migration
  • Preserves 100% of current investment and business logic​​

Speed up unified data platform creation, quickly fueling diverse business use cases and overseeing its entire lifecycle.​​



  • Rapid data lake creation in a few clicks​
  • Scalable implementation with minimal configuration​​
  • Unified interface for data access and policy management
  • Intelligent storage tiering for cost optimization

Mitigate risk with AI-powered DevOps for enhanced productivity, resilience, and maturity, with unified views and predictive issue tracking.​



  • Up to 75% faster release cycles​
  • Up to 30% quicker debugging
  • Up to 60% automated incident resolution and routing​
  • Enhanced security and DevOps posture (Shift Left)​

Shift your strategy from “cloud-first” to “cloud-smart.” Address increasing cloud costs due to uncontrolled expansion, lack of spend visibility, and technical debt.​



  • Up to 40% cost reduction​
  • Rapid insights within hours of receiving cost data​
  • 50% faster identification of cost bottlenecks​
  • AI-powered insights on consumption and performance​

Data platform creation

  • Achieved 15% revenue growth with new podcast ad tracking

  • Improved report generation from ~200 to ~1200 reports/day, enhancing ROI and ad placement decisions

Real-time monitoring and analytics

  • Targeted 25% revenue growth with Oracle to Data Lakehouse migration 

  • Improved customer service and cut operations costs by 30%

  • Enabled real-time decision-making for business users

Legacy data warehouse and ETL migration

  • Achieved ~50% cost savings with ETL migration to Databricks

  • Automated ~70% of SAP BODS ETL and ~85% of Teradata scripts

  • Achieved 100% data validation in Databricks

Faster modernization

  • Reduced modernization time by ~60% through MS SQL Server and SSIS automation to AWS Databricks

  • Established a Delta Lakehouse with medallion architecture

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