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Accelerate your data governance journey with Impetus Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator

Effective data governance is crucial for organizations aiming to harness the full potential of their data and AI assets while ensuring compliance, security, and collaboration. With the emergence of Unity Catalog as Databricks’ comprehensive governance solution for data and AI assets on the Databricks lakehouse, organizations now have a powerful tool at their disposal. With features spanning centralized data management, enhanced security, streamlined collaboration, operational efficiency, compliance support, and data democratization, organizations can unlock new possibilities and drive competitive advantage. 

However, all migration poses challenges, such as technical complexities and the need to reorganize assets, manage dependencies, integrate with existing workflows, and maintain security and version control. 

To address these challenges, Impetus has unveiled the Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator, a Databricks Brickbuilder Accelerator, which offers robust features to streamline operations:

  • Data asset migration: Simplifies migration of managed and external data, ensuring smooth consolidation and integration for enhanced accessibility and governance.
  • Effortless identity migration: Facilitates seamless transition of user identities and groups, ensuring uninterrupted access and permissions across platforms.
  • Enhanced security and permission management: Offers advanced ACL migration capabilities to seamlessly transfer security settings and permissions, ensuring data integrity and compliance.
  • Streamlined notebook upgrade: Enables seamless namespace upgrades in code, optimizing performance for enhanced data analysis.
  • Intelligent job dependency crawler: Automatically detects dependencies within notebooks, tables, and storage, enhancing visibility and facilitating efficient job execution.
  • Cluster upgrades: Effortlessly upgrades clusters to the latest versions, ensuring optimal performance, security, and compatibility with evolving technologies.

Architecture diagram of Impetus Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator

The Impetus Accelerator, streamlines adopting Unity Catalog’s governance and unlocks new business opportunities. Our Migration Accelerator enhances migration efficiency by: 

  • Seamless integration and configurability: The accelerator enables seamless integration and configurability through metastore assessment, ensuring a smooth transition of data assets compared to manual migration processes. 
  • Reduced time-to-market: Significantly reduces time-to-market, cutting costs, time, and effort by half while minimizing business disruption risk to near-zero levels. 
  • Maintained operational integrity: Guarantees post-migration operational integrity, ensuring continued functionality and reliability of data systems. 
  • Comprehensive support: Provides comprehensive support for various table types and formats, ensuring flexibility and compatibility throughout migration. 
  • Empowered innovation: Streamlines migration efforts and empowers organizations to swiftly unlock the benefits of Databricks’ Unity Catalog, driving innovation and business growth with unparalleled efficiency. 

To sum up…

In conclusion, Impetus Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator offers a comprehensive solution to accelerate the adoption of the Databricks Unity Catalog data governance framework. By addressing the complexities of data migration and enhancing security, collaboration, and compliance measures, organizations can unlock new possibilities for business growth and innovation. Partner with Impetus to embark on a streamlined journey towards unified data governance and unleash the full potential of your data assets.


John Ebenezer

Senior Director of Engineering, Impetus

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