AWS Center of Excellence - Impetus

Impetus Center of Excellence for AWS​

A dedicated business unit for AWS designed to foster innovation, enhance efficiency, and deliver excellence to our customers

Prioritize customer experience with seamless and outcome-driven modernization on AWS

A dedicated pool of experts

AWS-certified resources with a mature understanding of AWS offerings to reduce errors and ensure seamless delivery

Commitment multiplied

Dedicated focus with experience in driving success with AWS to multiply commitment and outcomes

Flexible business arrangements

Delivered through Impetus Data & AI labs and D2E programs, enabling customers to “Think Big, Start Small, Scale Faster”

Faster delivery & outcomes

Accelerators and established frameworks that operate seamlessly on AWS to deliver speed and scalability

Empower your business with our spectrum of AWS solutions and managed services

Data platform engineering

• Unified data platform creation
• Data-as-a-Service, Analytics-as-a-Service
• Massive-scale data processing and analytics

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• Gen AI & ML platforms solution architecture
• Model creation and scaling
• Cloud AI services
• MLOps and AIOps

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• Modern data platform management/monitoring/support
• DORA Metrics & DevSecOps
• Containerization & GitOps
• Data governance & management

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Architecture consulting

• Technology evaluation and benchmarking
• Scalable, elastic architectures
• Architectural audits
• Hybrid and multi-cloud architectures

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Application modernization

• Cloud migration and maturity assessment
• Microservices & containerization
• Native and cross-platform mobile applications

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Enhance your AWS experience with our solutions and accelerators​

Automated transformation of data warehouses, ETL, Hadoop, BI, and analytics workloads to AWS with zero business disruption.​



  • 4x faster transformation than traditional methods​
  • 2x cheaper than manual migration
  • Preserves 100% of current investment and business logic​​

Speed up unified data platform creation, quickly fueling diverse business use cases and overseeing its entire lifecycle.​​



  • Rapid data lake creation in a few clicks​
  • Scalable implementation with minimal configuration​​
  • Unified interface for data access and policy management
  • Intelligent storage tiering for cost optimization

Mitigate risk with AI-powered DevOps for enhanced productivity, resilience, and maturity, with unified views and predictive issue tracking.​



  • Up to 75% faster release cycles​
  • Up to 30% quicker debugging
  • Up to 60% automated incident resolution and routing​
  • Enhanced security and DevOps posture (Shift Left)​

Shift your strategy from “cloud-first” to “cloud-smart.” Address increasing cloud costs due to uncontrolled expansion, lack of spend visibility, and technical debt.​



  • Up to 40% cost reduction​
  • Rapid insights within hours of receiving cost data​
  • 50% faster identification of cost bottlenecks​
  • AI-powered insights on consumption and performance​

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Elevate your AWS journey.

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