A bank’s analytics transformation journey — Automated assessment and transformation of Informatica workflows and Oracle EDW to AWS - Impetus

A bank’s analytics transformation journey — Automated assessment and transformation of Informatica workflows and Oracle EDW to AWS

A Top 100 American bank used our automated cloud accelerator for intelligent assessment and auto-converting ~80% of their Informatica and Oracle data warehouse to an enterprise-ready AWS cloud-native system. The transformation leveraged EMR Spark and AWS Redshift and instituted a CI/CD cloud-native DevOps architecture and framework implementation.


  • High CapEx and OpEx expenditures to maintain the legacy environment
  • Inability to respond quickly to its growing needs for analytics
  • Lack of in-house skillsets to undertake such a critical transformation
  • Ensuring consistency from a data security and compliance perspective post-transformation

Saved 50% cost and time compared to manual transformation


Informatica migration to the cloud involved an assessment of complex ETL and analytical workloads. The bank wanted to validate the transformation scope, identify gaps, and gather information about technical debt, dependencies, and performance recommendations. They also wanted a detailed inventory and complexity analysis report, including the current state process, functional mapping, and an implementation roadmap. The recommended solution had to incorporate these factors while ensuring security and compliance needs were met.


The Impetus team leveraged LeapLogic for an automated assessment of the bank’s Informatica workflows and Oracle environment to identify the scope of migration. The report detailed the future architecture, a phased transformation roadmap, and recommended hybrid/on-premise security and compliance tools/processes aligned to the bank’s policies.

Retained existing business logic and process flows on the AWS platform

Impetus also used LeapLogic accelerator to bring ~80% auto-conversion of Oracle and Informatica code to AWS (EMR Spark, Redshift). This product saves 50% cost and time compared to a manual transformation. The solution includes:

  • Code conversion
  • Data and query validation
  • Orchestration
  • Performance tuning

Established frameworks for cloud-native CI/CD and data governance

In addition to the transformation to AWS-based tools, the bank required CI/CD and cloud-native DevOps to ensure long term success. This covered the following operational aspects:

  • Instituting a cloud-native CI/CD framework, integrated for automated deployments
  • Instituting frameworks essential to facilitate an agile development methodology (from epics to software deployments)
  • Integration with the bank’s ITSM framework for demand and incident management

The Impetus team also helped the bank to establish a data catalog system on AWS for data governance, planned for end-to-end maintenance of the infrastructure on AWS, and used an information lifecycle management framework to bridge corporate and IT functions.

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