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Generative AI​

Large Language Models (LLMs) for automation and innovation

  • Automate enterprise processes, such as customer experience, contact centers, report generation, and others, and infrastructure with LLMs​
  • Scale generative AI applications with LLMOps
  • Solve business problems in different domains with LLMs using frameworks such as LangChain​
  • Custom train and fine-tune LLMs for domain-specific needs using Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF)​
  • Design custom prompts to generate creative and informative text​
  • Ensure the safety, quality, and structure of LLM responses using GuardRails​

Tools and accelerators:​

  • LeapLogic: Automated cloud migration accelerator​
  • Gathr: A cloud-native, zero-code platform for building ML-powered applications​
  • Choice of data vectorization and other tools
  • Best practices for enterprise adoption of GenAI​
Analytics strategy for GenAI and ML

Assessing enterprise analytics for Generative AI and Machine Learning

  • Assess the current state of the customer’s analytics​
  • Modernize rule-based systems​
  • Create roadmaps for the transition to learning-based decision-making with AI/ML​
  • Enable ML lifecycle best practices
  • Recommendations to upgrade to modern technology stacks on-premise or on the cloud​

Tools and accelerators:​

  • Business alignment on use cases​​
  • Exploratory data analysis and feature engineering​
  • Performance metrics and model validation
  • Solution: Cloud Cost Optimization
  • Solution: Schema matching for data integration
Business insights from data​

Data-powered decision-making for business transformation

  • Data discovery for business value​
  • Recommend novel use cases based on data​
  • Generate and visualize insights with user-friendly dashboards

Tools and accelerators:​

  • Python, Power BI, and Tableau​
  • Proactive business decisions based on generated insights​
  • Business alignment on feature store for modeling​
Model creation and scaling

Democratizing model creation with Generative AI & ML​

  • Data pattern identification for feature selection​
  • Model and prototype creation with analysis and iterative refinement​
  • Pipelines for model development, training, and validation​
  • Best practices for model performance tuning​

Tools and accelerators:​

  • Gathr: Drag-and-drop low-code platform for model creation and scaling​
  • Business alignment, data gathering, and data quality enhancement​
  • Feature engineering and management for structured or unstructured data​
  • Model development infrastructure for code management and collaboration
  • Solution: Data & AI Labs​

Centralized platform for model management

  • Enable best practices for model deployment and management in production​
  • Detect model drift to address changing data distribution patterns using statistical tests​
  • Maintain model performance for risk management and trigger event-driven retraining​
  • Provide on-premises and cloud-based solutions for model inference
  • Support collaborative model and metadata management and metrics tracking​

Tools and accelerators:

  • Engineering blueprints and patterns​
  • CI/CD
  • A/B testing framework​

Your leverage – Our delivery experience across critical analytic dimensions

Saved business users’ time and improved meeting note quality

Developed a BART-powered summary system to extract meaningful insights from long meeting transcripts.

Reduced traffic congestion and improved traffic safety

Automated traffic monitoring from CCTV footage with 91% accuracy using image segmentation

Increased sales and improved marketing efficiency

Built Sales AI platform with 50+ use-cases such as Next Best Action, Lead Scoring, etc.

Won 500+ new customers

Built an innovative AI-backed new product line in property risk insurance supporting real-time and batch processing

Improved product quality and reduce costs

Built an ML solution reducing defects per vehicle by 75% for a global automobile manufacturer.

Boosted revenue

ML implementation on data lake led to a 6% increase in customer acquisition and increased net new conversions by 5% for a telecom giant

Elevate GenAI & ML for endless possibilities to optimize business functions

From healthcare to finance, legal, government, and manufacturing, we empower businesses to innovate and grow with our comprehensive solutions​


  • Anomaly and fraud detection, financial crimes​​
  • Intelligent process automation with image analytics​​
  • Business matching with transformer models​
  • Membership rewards, Natural language Querying


  • Cross-sell/up-sell
  • Lead prioritization​
  • Multi-touch attribution


  • Sales misconduct
  • Sales propensity
  • Next best action

Energy and utilities

  • Plant engineering, demand forecasting
  • Multi-agent reinforcement learning
  • Automating energy auction bidding​


  • Paint defect optimization
  • Semiconductor wafer dimensional metrology​
  • Auto warranty claims: Fraud detection​

Industrial analytics

  • Object detection with AI​
  • Text extraction from images
  • Predictive maintenance​

Communications and media

  • Contextual search in document corpus​
  • Intelligent process automation with image analytics​​
  • Customer journey analytics
  • Personalized recommendations​

Transportation and logistics​

  • Customer feedback analysis
  • Supplier network analysis
  • Estimating time of arrival


  • Faster patient registration
  • Guidance for Physicians
  • Medical supplies forecasting​

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  • Establish a roadmap to production

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