Design Lab - Impetus

Design Lab

Get solution design and architecture recommendation from industry experts

Total duration

1-3 weeks (prep + lab plan + lab experience)

What is it

Joint engagement with your business and technical stakeholders alongside our data/cloud engineering experts to create your use case architecture and solution

Lab preparation and planning

  • Customer: 1-2 one-hour prep calls

  • Impetus: Prep/plan lab (1-2 weeks)

Lab experience

1-2 days (4-8 hours each day)

Customer attendees

  • Key business and technical stakeholders responsible for strategy/requirements of the solution

  • Stakeholders leading development post-lab

Impetus attendees

  • Data lab lead

  • Cloud/Data engineering architect

  • Account solution architect

What you get

  • Post-lab report with architecture recommendations 

  • Solution design and underlying data utilization

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