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Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator

Migrate your metastore to Databricks Unity Catalog – faster, with minimal business disruption

Brickbuilder Solutions: End-to-end lakehouse solutions and services for cloud migrations and common industry use cases.

Brickbuilder Accelerators: Pre-built code and databricks frameworks for quickly implementing a specific methodology or Databricks capability.

Unlock the capabilities of Databricks Unity Catalog with Impetus Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator

Streamlined upgrade support for external/managed tables

Automated cross-table and cluster upgrades

Simultaneous automated upgrades for multiple databases

Seamless creation of storage credentials, external locations, metastore, and assignment of metastore to workspace

One-click upgrade for multiple tables and group-to-account levels

Automated migration of checkpoint locations

Seamlessly migrate tables, clusters, jobs, and workflows from your existing Hive Metastore (HMS) or AWS Glue Catalog to the Unity Catalog

Looking for more reasons to try our accelerator?

Compared to manual migration, Impetus Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator enables:

Metastore assessment for seamless integration and configurability


2x less cost, time, and effort

Near-zero risk of business disruption

Post-migration operational integrity

Migration support for various table types and formats

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