Power unprecedented business outcomes with a cloud data platform - Impetus

Power unprecedented business outcomes with a cloud data platform

Get a single source of truth and deliver AI & ML-driven use cases with ease, speed, and scale

Get a unified data platform optimized for the highest level of cloud maturity

Ingest 1000’s of data feeds, both batch and real-time


Process all types of workloads, at a massive scale, in real-time

Operationalize business use cases at pace and scale

Connected data use cases powered by real-time and AI/ML

Cloud maturity assessment and gap remediation

Support your analytics initiatives at the enterprise scale with a holistic ‘platform-centric’ approach

Data platform creation

Create a single source of truth across your enterprise

  • Fast-track platform creation from 12 weeks to around 1 week
  • Create a solid data foundation with intelligent storage tiering for cost optimization
  • Get seamless data access for advanced analytics
  • Ensure compliance with a unified interface for data access and policy management

Achieve the highest level of enterprise observability

  • Get a single pane view across DevOps metrics, availability, cloud cost, and security
  • Optimize cloud costs and reduce time to identify cost bottlenecks
  • Improve cloud security posture by reducing security issues by 25%
  • Increase efficiency of build, release, and deployment processes
Mature people and processes

Unleash business value with Impetus expertise

  • Get a long-term strategic view of customers
  • Lay the foundation of data-as-a-service and analytics-as-a-service
  • Build complex data engineering infrastructure on the cloud
  • Build cost-optimized architectures and solutions

Breakthrough impact delivered across industries

Data volume

7PB data migrated and managed on a modern data platform for a payment card service provider


Processed 100,000+ transactions/sec and 1.5 billion records/day for a security solution provider


$2.5 million saved in licensing costs by modernizing analytics solution to a unified platform for F200 airlines

Performance improvement

93% performance improvement with Tableau extracts on Redshift vs Oracle for a Top 100 American bank


50% improved time-to-market (TTM) for a telecom service provider

System availability

99.999% service availability and 100 msec average response time for a payment card service provider


Customized security platform and HIPPA-compliant solutions for a healthcare service provider


Proprietary governance solution ensuring data democratization, security, control & management for a payment card service provider

Choose a lab aligned to your Data & AI journey

Address your desired use case across critical analytic dimensions

  • Explore architecture options with experts

  • Ensure strategic alignment of business and technology

  • Architect an ideal solution for a pressing problem

  • Validate new or refactor existing architecture

  • Develop a prototype with expert guidance

  • Establish a roadmap to production

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