Data Lakes & Warehouses

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Accelerated setup

Scalable implementation

Automated migration

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Data lake setup

Accelerated setup of fully functional infrastructure

  • Automated data lake creation
  • UI-driven data lake lifecycle and processing cluster management
  • Enhanced access controls through integration with Ranger, Atlas, and LDAP

Success drivers:

  • Data lake accelerator
  • LeapLogic: Cloud accelerator
  • Gathr: Data pipeline platform
Data warehouse creation

Dynamic, scalable warehouses to meet real-time changing needs

  • Ingest hundreds of batch and real-time feeds with multi-TB volume
  • Automatically detect anomalies in batch and real-time data using AI
  • Take timely action on data inconsistencies to improve data quality

Success drivers:

  • LeapLogic: Cloud accelerator
  • Gathr: Data pipeline platform

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A leading telecommunications provider optimizes call center cost through real-time streaming analytics

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