Cloud Test Engineering

Delivering test strategy and implementation solutions with rigorous in-cloud testing

Test automation

Test optimization

Test quality and reliability

Explore cloud test engineering services that bring budget-friendly, highly reliable results

Cloud testing

Automated solutions for cloud testing needs

  • Customizable, scalable, and easy to use
  • 50% reduced costs
  • 70% increased efficiency

Success drivers:

  • Cloud Agnostic Test (CAT) framework
Data warehouse/ETL/migration testing

Automated solutions for ETL and migration testing on cloud data warehouses

  • High-quality, high-reliability data validation with reduced testing cycles
  • 50% reduced costs
  • 70% increased efficiency

Success drivers:

  • Ready-to-use scripts for ETL testing

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Case Study

20% SLA improvement by modernizing Teradata workloads on Azure

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Case Study

Enabled 2x faster application deployment with AWS Kubernetes

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Case Study

6% increase in customer acquisition with ML implementation on data lake

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