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Impetus Pathmakers is a revolutionary initiative to provide knowledge sharing sessions on the latest emerging technologies. Inhouse experts give IT trends and advice geared towards young engineers and professionals across various industries, in order to bridge the gap between what students learn about technology versus what they will need for their careers after college. As new technological needs arise every day, we also make sure that our network of talent and IT Professionals are aware of them so they can be industry ready.
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Ensure successful data ingestion on the cloud: Strategies for 2021
Automated workload transformation from Informatica to Databricks
Modernize ETL, Data Warehouse & Analytics — Migrate to Cloud Platforms with Impetus

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Impetus Pathmakers conducting various technology events throughout the year.
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Frequently Asked Questions



What all events/sessions are organized by Impetus Pathmakers?

Pathmakers team organizes two types of sessions: ‘Open Event’ and
Event’. An open event is for IT professionals and students, while a College event is
co-hosted with a college/university.

Are Pathmakers events conducted online?

Pathmakers is currently conducting online events due to the pandemic. We
to conduct in-person events as well, once it is possible.

What is the platform for online events?

All Pathmakers sessions are getting conducted on MS Teams. Registered /
Nominated attendee can join the shared link without downloading anything either from
laptop, desktop or mobile phone.



What is the frequency of the college events?

The college events are getting organized weekly as a co-hosted event with
college/university. Students from that respective colleges/universities join the

IT Professionals


What is the Frequency of an open event?

An open event is conducted quarterly and can be joined by IT
across locations.

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