Unlock endless possibilities of Kafka with Amazon MSK - Impetus

Unlock endless possibilities of Kafka with Amazon MSK

Simplify Kafka workloads by migrating to Amazon MSK using Impetus’ AWS migration accelerator, LeapLogic, and services

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Impetus can help you take advantage of Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka (MSK) to ingest and process streaming data at scale from multiple sources.

Simplify complex Apache Kafka clusters

Scale cluster capacity automatically

Streamline applications

Spend less time building, managing, and securing Kafka clusters

Real-time data streaming

Process streaming data in real-time

  • Get out-of-the-box metrics to monitor the health of the brokers
  • Manage Kafka servers with high availability of data
  • Secure data storage and scaling to support load changes
Automated migration

Automated migration to Amazon MSK

  • Automated assessment of Kafka workloads to strategize migration
  • Ensure zero business disruption
  • Preserve 100% prior investment
  • End-to-end operationalization of the migrated Kafka clusters

Success driver: LeapLogic, Impetus’ automated cloud migration accelerator

DevOps 360

Automated DevOps at scale

  • Automatically scale up in case of a sudden surge in data volumes
  • No memory shortage due to broker unavailability
  • Automated server provisioning, cluster configuration, and failure handling
  • Continuous monitoring and alarms for broker usage

Success driver: AI-driven DevOps

Value delivered to customers

Provided actionable “in-the-moment” insights at scale

• Reduced baggage data processing time from 20 mins to real-time
• Enhanced premium customers’ experience with personalized offers

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Customer digital journey platform migration to AWS MSK

• Migrated 5 environments from Confluent to Amazon MSK in ~2 months
• Supported data volumes in TBs, while open-source Confluent supported up to 500GB

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