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Shaping tomorrow’s business landscape with GenAI

Enterprises today grapple with a goldmine of unstructured data—images, documents, videos, and audio—that holds untapped potential. Extracting actionable insights from this data has been a longstanding challenge, but the tide is turning with Generative AI (GenAI). GenAI is more than a trend; it’s a game-changer. Its ease of use empowers users without the need for extensive technical expertise. Think of it as the secret sauce that turns unstructured data into a competitive advantage. Impetus Technologies is at the forefront of this revolution, redefining how enterprises leverage this transformative technology.

Impetus Technologies’ and LLM landscape: Elevating business adoption

Impetus Technologies has undertaken significant initiatives to help enterprises navigate the dynamic world of Large Language Models (LLMs), guiding them through the maze of possibilities. While LLMs are about understanding and generating content to revolutionize business processes, there are many areas in enterprises where Impetus can help build capabilities to increase overall maturity level and readiness for GenAI. As part of this initiative, Impetus has articulated the following five pillars to harmonize data, infrastructure, people, processes, and technologies comprehensively:

  • Creating a GenAI strategy and architecture
  • Establishing a GenAI foundation
  • Creating a GenAI strategy and architecture
  • Contextualizing and enriching GenAI
  • Scaling GenAI

This blog will highlight how LLMs can effectively drive business value in the enterprise through transformative use cases. This is especially important when choosing the right use case to yield the best Return on Investment (ROI), leading to revenue growth or lowered costs. Such use cases demonstrate how data can be used effectively with algorithms to simplify complex processes, thereby accelerating the time to market.

The goal is also to enhance the overall GenAI readiness so enterprises can quickly scale and operationalize use cases and not be limited to only an experimental phase. This allows the enterprise and various teams to access the deployed models and utilize them for their solutions, creating a virtuous cycle of growth leading to value creation and innovation.

Some examples of areas where Impetus has focused energies include:

  • Text mining and NLP, with use cases covering areas like question-answering, translation, and summarization.
  • Computer vision, where use cases of interest have spanned image to image, image generation, facial recognition, and activity tracking in videos.
  • Audio, where use-cases have spanned text-to-speech, speech recognition, audio-to-audio, and emotion detection.
  • Multimodal, where use cases include text to image, image to text, and text to video.

Given the complexity of these use cases, we have explored many LLMs for use cases in these areas and have utilized various options to help choose the right LLM. Additionally, fine-tuning offers another way to make these models domain-specific, enabling their use in business decision-making.

Here are some examples of how Impetus is leading the exploration of LLMs for enterprise applications:

Text mining and NLP/NLG: Transforming information overload into strategic insights

Use case: Intelligent document processing

Enterprises have large volumes of legal, financial, and banking documents, in addition to those related to technical and product descriptions and customer feedback. Impetus’ solution delivers abstract summaries, providing a competitive edge in decision-making for enterprises dealing with such diverse document stores. Quick, informed decisions become a reality, shaping the future of quarterly and yearly planning. These documents can be in numerous formats, such as flat files, rich text, word, PDF, and other forms. The Impetus solution comprehensively understands the semantic relationships among entities in the documents, enabling LLMs to generate relevant responses to a user query.

Therefore, the intelligent document processing capability can extract and correlate information regarding entities such as payments, transactions, merchants, dates, and other items in the documents and generate concise summaries or reports that minimize human effort. As a result, this solution also enables us to build a better semantic search capability than a keyword search. Coupling this with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) makes this an attractive solution that can generate responses from confidential data in the enterprise using an LLM.

Computer vision: Enhancing efficiency through visual intelligence

Use case: Automated traffic monitoring

In computer vision, automated road lane detection using image segmentation minimizes manual efforts, achieving a staggering ~91% accuracy. Traffic monitoring becomes a breeze, reducing wait times and elevating overall operational efficiency.

The solution, developed as part of an initiative for an intelligent city customer, involves developing models from camera-collected images to detect lanes and disruptions in traffic flow due to accidents and other situations. Such solutions can be easily extended to similar challenges in different domains, such as manufacturing, where raw materials and finished parts may move along conveyer belts, machine tools, and operator activities are monitored via cameras in warehouses and distribution centers as part of supply chain networks where multiple components have to be identified, counted and tracked, as well as in healthcare settings where various medical equipment movement and their performance has to be monitored. Such scenarios are numerous, but the underlying approach and solution frameworks share significant similarities. Impetus expertise in this domain speaks to the depth of capabilities in enabling our customers to quickly derive insights from large volumes of image and video data.

Audio: Unraveling customer sentiments for enhanced service

Use case: Call center efficiency

Understanding customer sentiments is important in many enterprises where customer interactions can be captured, such as part of call center operations. Impetus’ solution translates audio to text, enabling call centers to identify callers and detect their call’s intent, emotions, and other entities from their conversation with the call center agents. This enables prioritization of calls and reduces waiting times, enhancing customer satisfaction and directly impacting the bottom line. This solution is very relevant to many customers as it allows them to significantly boost caller experience and utilize LLMs to generate relevant content when the call center agent is speaking with the caller. In the financial services sector, call center agents can present offers tailored to caller preferences. Other enhancements to the solution could also leverage translation capabilities, enabling caller concerns to be addressed better.  Further, LLMs can be integrated into Generative AI applications to assist in summarizing transcripts of previous calls, which is often a manually exhaustive task. Insights from these transcripts are also crucial in helping improve the overall customer journeys with opportunities to increase customer engagement and lower churn.

Multimodal: Automating compliance for seamless operations

Use case: Multimodal OCR solutions

Impetus has enabled customers to streamline their operations, as seen in the automation of COVID-19 vaccine card verification for an airline. Similarly, Impetus has helped customers in financial services, healthcare, and various other sectors build and deploy solutions to extract information from complex documents and images and use them to automate business processes. Implementation of such Intelligent Process Automation solutions makes it possible to extract text and image context with a high level of accuracy and allows enhanced search on the generated metadata as well, leading to multiple benefits. For example, in the case of airlines, this solution can help minimize gate delays and mitigate security risks by ensuring only those passengers with accurate travel documents are permitted to board. Thus, compliance becomes a seamless part of operations, providing a smooth passenger experience.

Impetus Technologies: Your partner in business transformation with GenAI

In the GenAI landscape, Impetus Technologies is not just a player—it’s the driving force behind business transformation. From unrivaled text summarization to cutting-edge image segmentation, Impetus delivers solutions that redefine what’s possible. With a commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and excellence, Impetus Technologies paves the way for enterprises to thrive in the era of Generative AI. Partner with Impetus and position your business at the forefront of the AI revolution.


Dr. Ravishankar Rao Vallabhajosyula
Senior Director – Data Science

Richa Pathak
Lead Analytics Engineer

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