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Data Lake Accelerator

Create your data lake faster with minimal effort to maximize your business benefits

Faster data lake creation

Architecture and service integration

More time to focus on your business strategy

Explore how our data lake accelerator can help architect the future of your business

Data lake creation over AWS, Azure and GCP

Reduce data lake creation time from months to just a few weeks

  • Set up infrastructure and configure network
  • Automatically detect schema and SQL-accessible tables
  • Capture data catalog and index metadata
  • Auto-scale analytics application instances to match workload traffic
Data lake management

Manage your data lake with an easy-to-use dashboard

  • Add, clone, or terminate data lake
  • Add or remove cluster to existing data lake
  • View summary of an existing data lake
  • See metadata reports
Security and governance

Secure your data lake with automation and out-of-the box integrations

  • Automated data catalog capture and visualization
  • LDAP integration
  • Data encryption at rest
  • Unified interface for data access and policy management
  • Apache Ranger and Apache Atlas integration
  • Encryption, masking, and tag-based policies

Focus on your transformation goals—we’ll handle the architectural complexities of setting up your data lake

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