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Modernizing healthcare with future-ready data platforms and analytics

Explore how modern healthcare can embrace modernization for a data-driven future and a $1 trillion opportunity

Modernization is paramount in today’s healthcare landscape due to the need for innovation, ever-increasing customer expectations, and challenges such as rising costs, strict regulations, and fierce competition. The healthcare industry presents a remarkable $1 trillion business opportunity by 2027, but navigating this intricate path can be like solving a complex puzzle.

Join our on-demand recording to gain invaluable insights into how healthcare firms can create a profound impact based on outcomes and leverage the true potential of modernization through a robust data foundation in the cloud. Be inspired by real-world success stories as one of our esteemed customers shares their transformative modernization journey.

During this session, our panel of subject-matter experts delves into:

  • Key drivers of data platform modernization
  • Achieving unified data with seamless interoperability
  • Enhancing patient engagement and outcomes through cutting-edge analytics and AI techniques

Don’t miss this opportunity to pave the way toward a data-driven, modernized healthcare future. Access the on-demand recording now!


Ravi Baji

Analytics Sales Specialist, HCLS, AWS

Shilpi Saxena

Senior Director, Cloud and Data Engineering
Impetus Technologies

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