The fastest, risk-free way to convert and rearchitect ETL, EDW, and analytics to AWS

ML-based automated transformation to native or third-party stack on AWS

Intelligent and Automated Transformation to Cloud - for ETL, Analytics and EDW

Automate the entire lifecycle for migration to AWS


ML-based conversion engine with AWS-specific UDF library

End-to-end migration, validation, and operationalization of AWS technology stack (ANSI SQL compliant)

Recommendations for Redshift code optimization, AWS data model, and parallel workload execution

Reduce risk and costs with prescription-based migration


Prioritize based on usage and business need

Choose to migrate, optimize, or redevelop

Optimize cost-performance ratio

Be assured with high degree of automation and validation at every step


Choose the fastest and proven solution for conversion to AWS platforms



lines of code transformed





lines of query logs assessed

Fortune 1000



Your advantage — Our transformation experience with AWS      


Automated assessment and transformation of Informatica workflows and Oracle EDW to AWS

~80% auto-conversion to save 50% cost and time compared to manual transformation

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The fastest way to convert and rearchitect ETL, analytics, and data warehouse to AWS

Learn how you can convert almost any legacy source to an AWS-native technology stack — 4x faster than hand-coding

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