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What is Data-Driven Everything?

Data-Driven Everything (D2E) is a program that can help your enterprise unlock data-driven success with aligned actions spanning mindset, people, process, and technology. This program accelerates creating value using data in direct support of your strategic business objectives. Furthermore, it leverages specific use cases to jump-start enterprises’ data flywheel and create value-based outcomes throughout the entire process of building a data platform.

How the D2E Program Works?

Through the Data-Driven Everything Program, AWS and Impetus experts will engage with your business and technical stakeholders in a two-day workshop.

1. Think Big

‘Think Big’ with the Mobilize workshop, which sets the basis of a modern data strategy and creates a compelling data-driven vision. Using Amazon’s “working backwards” methodology, we will help identify and prioritize a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) use case, focusing on business outcomes.

2. Start Small

Deliver greater value and credibility through the Mindset and People & Process workshops that allow you to scale capabilities beyond the original use case. Build the right organizational and process model that aligns with your modern data strategy

3. Scale Fast

Through the Technology workshop, establish a scalable technology foundation and we can help you scale with a 6-to-9-month roadmap of priority projects.

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