Impetus StreamAnalytix Launches a Cloud-based Version for Self-service ETL and Machine Learning - Impetus

Impetus StreamAnalytix Launches a Cloud-based Version for Self-service ETL and Machine Learning

StreamAnalytix Cloud available on AWS Marketplace enables users to move, cleanse and transform data in the cloud from any source within minutes

LOS GATOS, California, May 21, 2020 — Impetus Technologies Inc., a leading software products and services company, announced the launch of its new cloud-based version of StreamAnalytix on AWS Marketplace. StreamAnalytix Cloud will also be available on other leading cloud marketplaces like Azure and Google Cloud very soon.

Leveraging an interactive data-first approach, the tool provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to build ETL flows on the cloud, effortlessly. Users can ingest data from multiple on-premise and cloud sources, enrich this data, and swiftly build applications for a wide range of analytics use cases.

StreamAnalytix Cloud offers a host of power-packed features, including:

  • A visual canvas to create ETL flows with minimal coding
  • 150+ drag-and-drop Apache Spark connectors and operators
  • Cloud-native execution engines for optimal execution of workloads
  • Auto-scaling to manage costs and execution efficiency for changing loads
  • Integration with machine learning and analytics to add advanced enrichment and decision pointers to data
  • Support for leading cloud providers, Spark platforms and cloud data warehouses

“We are focused on helping enterprises harness the limitless power of the cloud to build, test, and run ETL and machine learning applications faster – across industries and use cases,” said Punit Shah, Director for StreamAnalytix at Impetus Technologies. “As a next-generation ETL tool in the cloud, StreamAnalytix Cloud accelerates Spark application development, and empowers users with unmatched scalability and extensibility to meet their strategic business needs.”

StreamAnalytix Cloud acts as a multi-tenant, unified platform for end-to-end Spark-based ingestion, data processing, quality, blending, enrichment, analytics, machine learning, and visualization. It is available in three options based on the number of users. Each option supports all stages of the application delivery lifecycle – including design, build, test, debug, deploy, monitor, and manage.

About Impetus Technologies

Impetus Technologies is focused on enabling a unified, clear, and present view for the intelligent enterprise by enabling data warehouse modernization, unification of data sources, self-service ETL, advanced analytics, and BI consumption. For more than a decade, Impetus has been the ‘Partner of Choice’ for several Fortune 500 enterprises in transforming their data and analytics lifecycle.