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NCR Corporation Leverages Impetus’ LeapLogic for Automated Data Platform Modernization

Impetus’ cloud transformation accelerator helps NCR modernize Teradata legacy workloads

LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 4, 2022 — Impetus Technologies Inc., a software products and services company, announced that its cloud accelerator, LeapLogic enabled automated data warehouse and ETL modernization for NCR Corporation.

NCR Corporation is a leading enterprise technology provider for restaurants, retailers, and banks. With the recent surge in ‘as-a-service’ and subscription-based business models, NCR Corporation was looking to enhance their scalability and agility, while reducing Teradata maintenance costs. They wanted to leverage a modern data processing engine that would deliver analytics faster.

LeapLogic enabled them to:

  • Assess their existing inventory to identify lineage, analyze performance, and get optimization recommendations for the target environment
  • Seamlessly convert thousands of BTEQ scripts and queries to Spark Scala with ~90% automation
  • Automate unit testing for data and logic migration and perform cell-level validation
  • Beat the targeted 6-hour execution SLA by an hour
  • Save 50% cost and effort compared to manual transformation

“Impetus has been a tremendous partner for NCR. Their accelerator, LeapLogic helped us successfully migrate a piece of our legacy big data infrastructure with a high degree of automation,” said Ivan Alvarez, Vice President, Enterprise Data & Analytics, NCR Corporation. “We are now able to manage both cost and capacity with much more flexibility.”

Anand Raman, Chief Revenue Officer, Impetus Technologies, added, “We are extremely privileged to be supporting NCR Corporation’s data platform modernization initiative. Our goal is to help enterprises like NCR eliminate the unpredictable variables of manual migration and realize the promise of the cloud with zero business disruption.”

LeapLogic simplifies and accelerates the journey from any legacy data warehouse, ETL, and analytics system to any cloud-based/modern data platform with lower cost and lower risk.

To learn more about how LeapLogic delivered customer delight for NCR Corporation, watch this in-depth Q&A session.

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