Built an AWS-powered community platform for a hospitality firm - Impetus

Built an AWS-powered community platform for a hospitality firm

A modular solution on the AWS to generate cash inflows, address the staff shortage, and capture new market segments for hospitality, travel & entertainment professionals.


Business needs

TIP Hospitality, an organization focused on hospitality, travel & entertainment professionals, wanted to create a platform that enables businesses to generate incremental revenue and offers discounts and perks to hospitality, travel & entertainment employees. In addition, they were looking to generate cash inflows, address the staff shortage, and capture new market segments with this platform.  

They wanted to create a scalable community-based cloud platform on mobile and web to address the following needs: 

  • On-board venues, publish exclusive offers and promotions for hospitality partners to generate immediate cash in-flows 
  • Offer extra benefits and perks to employees to retain their staff at a lower cost 
  • Promote vacancies directly within the industry using a recruitment tool 
  • Leverage reviews by hospitality professionals to build credibility and attract new business 
  • Seamless integration with payment gateways  



Since faster time-to-market was one of the critical requirements, the Impetus team architected a modular solution on the AWS cloud powered by diverse AWS Services. The team used Angular with a modularization approach for building a responsive web application, ensuring content optimization for mobile devices.

Solution highlights:

  • Auto scaling and AWS Elastic Beanstalk (EBS)-based application UI and API implementation
  • Used AWS VPN for secure communication between all application components 
  • Used Amazon CloudFront to provide application cache for better end-user performance
  • Seamless integration with Stripe payment gateway 
  • Ensured GDPR and PCI compliance to secure user personal and payment data
  • Used Amazon CodeDeploy, AWS CodeCommit, and AWS CodePipeline for continuous integration and deployment to ensure seamless production updates with zero downtime
  • Used Amazon CloudWatch for monitoring and alert setup
  • Setup infrastructure on AWS from scratch for QA, UAT, and production

AWS Services used:

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), AWS CodePipeline, AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF), Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Cognito, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeCommit, etc. 



The interactive community-focused platform created the following impact in the industry: 

  • Enabled easy and quick on-boarding for venues with responsive web application 
  • Improved user experience with impressive design of native Android and iOS mobile applications 
  • Supported globalization for business expansion 
  • Auto-recommended new venues based on previous visits, cuisine, and personal preferences with intelligent backend system for personalized contents

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