Saved 80% time and effort of the analytics team with an AWS-powered modern platform - Impetus

Saved 80% time and effort of the analytics team with an AWS-powered modern platform

Eliminated data silos with a single source of truth and enabled analytics-driven business growth for Cimpress


Business needs

Cimpress, a global leader in customer-focused, entrepreneurial, and mass customization services and products, has its data trapped in silos, which inhibited its analytical growth potential. The conglomerate wanted to:

  • Attain a single source of truth by overcoming its data silos
  • Access data points at a single dashboard instead of dispersed sources
  • Create custom dashboards for business users to provide better analytical outcomes
  • Drive insights by attaining real-time streaming and availability of data on dashboards

Reduced time-to-insights with ready-to-use LookML files and achieved 15% monthly OpEx cost savings with custom solutions



The Impetus team helped the conglomerate overcome data silos and advance its analytical-driven business growth with a modern platform. The platform:

  • Leveraged Snowflake to create a single source of truth by extracting data from multiple sources and managing at a centralized data lake
  • Performed data streaming using Stitch for ingesting data from third-party systems
  • Ingested diverse data sets by creating data pipelines for different sources like eCommerce, Google Ads, Wootric, Zendesk, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Ads, etc. 
  • Created Looker dashboards to view customer tier and score, historical data, comments, perform customer lookup with a score, and more 
  • Implemented a set of standard Looker explores (orders, customers, inventory, carts, etc.) that can be pulled by business units as skeleton files and used specific BI dashboards

Technology stack used

AWS Lambda, Amazon Firehose, AWS cloud computing services, Wootric API, Stitch, Snowflake, Looker, and Java



A modern AWS-powered platform helped the conglomerate to:

  • Reduce time-to-insights with ready-to-use 200+ reports in Looker, helping analysts write dimensions and measures for generating reports 
  • Achieve 15% monthly OpEx cost savings with custom solutions 
  • Provide seamless access to standard reports that can be replicated in the business unit’s Looker project 
  • Leverage a single dashboard to include NPS information as opposed to obtaining details from different sources 
  • Save 80% of the time and efforts of the analytics teams, helping them focus on creating reports instead of monitoring the performance of LookML models 

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