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Do you need help to unlock meaningful insights from petabytes of data from multiple sources?

Databricks Unity Catalog offers robust governance for data and AI assets on the Databricks Lakehouse. Yet, migrating legacy metastore to Databricks Unity Catalog is complex.

Fast-track alignment of your business and tech strategy with frameworks proven to deliver the results you need

Boost business performance, create breakthrough innovation, and unlock new sources of growth

Learn how Impetus Data Platform Accelerator can help you set up a unified data platform on AWS with a click.

Learn how Impetus’ multi-cloud cost explorer, a ready-to-use cost monitoring solution, can help you track cloud spend across multiple clouds in a single dashboard, reducing multi-cloud wastage and improving ROI.

With digital transformation, enterprises are looking for flexible and scalable delivery models that deliver value in real-time without compromising product performance, quality, or data security. However, manually validating workload functionalities is a complex, error-prone process.

Learn how you can take advantage of our customized cloud services, innovative automation levers, advanced monitoring tools, and security best practices to seamlessly manage mission-critical use cases across on-premise and cloud environments.

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