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Learn how Impetus Data Platform Accelerator can help you set up a unified data platform on AWS with a click.

Solution brief
Learn how Impetus’ multi-cloud cost explorer, a ready-to-use cost monitoring solution, can help you track cloud spend across multiple clouds in a single dashboard, reducing multi-cloud wastage and improving ROI.

With digital transformation, enterprises are looking for flexible and scalable delivery models that deliver value in real-time without compromising product performance, quality, or data security. However, manually validating workload functionalities is a complex, error-prone process.

Learn how you can take advantage of our customized cloud services, innovative automation levers, advanced monitoring tools, and security best practices to seamlessly manage mission-critical use cases across on-premise and cloud environments.

Transform the decision-making capabilities of your business with accelerated insights from all your data.

Create a single source of truth on AWS and enable multiple use cases – all in a few weeks

Visually build and deploy streaming and batch processing use cases rapidly, with the best-of-breed open source technologies, both on-premise and in the cloud.

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