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Taming the NoSQL Elephants,San Jose, CA

Aug 19 - 21, 2014
San Jose, CA

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Impetus to speak at NoSQL Now! Conference, the largest vendor-neutral forum focused on NoSQL technologies.

At the event, Impetus Director of Big Data Labs, Dr. Vijay S Agneeswaran will have a session on ‘Taming the NoSQL Elephants: New Insights into Benchmarking.’ The session will focus on identifying gaps in NoSQL benchmarking as lack of support for analytical queries and text search queries as well as lack of enterprise workload characterization. The talk will also outline our ongoing work to augment existing open source benchmarks. More details here.

Meet us at the event to get more insights on implementing right NoSQL technologies. 


Predicting Healthcare Expenditure Increase from Medicare Data,New York, NY

Aug 24 - 27, 2014
New York, NY

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Impetus to speak at ACM SIGKDD Workshop on Health Informatics (HI-KDD 2014), New York.

Impetus Directors Bibudh Lahiri and Dr. Nitin Agarwal will deliver a session on ‘Predicting Healthcare Expenditure Increase for an Individual from Medicare Data’ at the event. The talk will investigate the variability of patient healthcare expenses year-on-year, depending on the different medical conditions patients get diagnosed with, the prescription drugs they consume, and the demographic variables.

The workshop is a vendor-neutral, prestigious forum to exchange knowledge in healthcare-related Data Science. 

Meet us and learn more about healthcare informatics!


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