Snowflake Summit 2023 - Impetus

Snowflake Summit 2023

06/26/2023 3:00 pm — 06/29/2023 3:20 pm
Las Vegas

LeapLogic is a Blue Square sponsor at the Snowflake Summit 2023, one of the biggest global events for cloud and data collaboration.

Visit our booth #2131 to discover how you can automate and accelerate the modernization of legacy workloads to Snowflake with near-zero disruption.

LeapLogic sessions at Snowflake Summit:

1. Partner Theater Session (20 Minutes)

4x Faster Modernization to Snowflake with LeapLogic

Date and Time – Tuesday, June 27 | 3:00 PM

Venue – Expo Floor

2. Partner Breakout Session (45 Minutes)

Victoria’s Secret & Bath & Body Works Modernize to Snowflake with LeapLogic

Date and Time – Wednesday, June 28 | 3:00 PM

Venue – Caesars Palace, Julius 16

Our partnership with Snowflake

Impetus is a Snowflake Eliter Tier Partner, the highest tier in the Snowflake Partner Network. It also holds competency in workload specialization for data warehouses and data lakes.

LeapLogic, Impetus’ automated cloud accelerator, has helped leading Fortune 500 companies migrate mission-critical workloads to Snowflake – faster, at lower risk, and at lower cost. Its end-to-end workload migration capabilities have accelerated the risk-free modernization journey of leading enterprises, helping them drive the analytical and business benefits of Snowflake at scale.

*Limited seats available

Choose a lab aligned to your Data & AI journey

Address your desired use case across critical analytic dimensions

  • Explore architecture options with experts

  • Ensure strategic alignment of business and technology

  • Architect an ideal solution for a pressing problem

  • Validate new or refactor existing architecture

  • Develop a prototype with expert guidance

  • Establish a roadmap to production

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