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Solution Provider Session

Ally’s Transformation Journey: Legacy Data Estate Migration to a Modern AWS-hosted Snowflake Platform

Swan Ballroom 10, Walt Disney World Swan | March 13, 2024

Data modernization is crucial to thrive in an environment where innovation is the key to success. However, legacy data systems fail to keep up with modern-day data and analytics demands.

Ally Financial, a trailblazer in the financial industry, overcame the inherent challenges associated with legacy systems with a strategic migration of its data estate to a modern AWS-hosted Snowflake platform.

Join our expert session and gain insights into the intricacies of Ally’s successful data estate transformation journey to an AWS-Snowflake stack, powered by Impetus Technologies’ end-to-end modernization support. The session also explores:

  • The scalability and maintenance issues associated with legacy data warehouse and analytics platforms.
  • The tangible benefits of modernizing legacy data estate workloads to a cloud-native stack.
  • Common challenges enterprises encounter during data estate modernization.
  • Proven modernization strategies applicable across various domains and how enterprises can implement them.

Secure your spot for this partner session and be ready to unlock insights that can redefine your approach to data modernization.


Prashant Jain

Sr. Director – Engineering, Impetus Technologies Inc.

Derick Salkowitz

Head – Data Engineering & Analytics, Ally Financial Inc.

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