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Impetus Launches Cloud Cost Optimizer to Help Businesses Streamline Cloud Spending for Better ROI

Impetus’ AI-powered cloud cost optimizer offers instant insights on usage across your cloud services and teams, helping enterprises reduce cloud waste

LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 23, 2023 – Impetus Technologies Inc., a digital engineering company focused on delivering expert services and products to help enterprises achieve their transformation goals, announced the launch of its Cloud Cost Optimizer (CCO). Impetus goes beyond traditional cloud cost management offers with its AI-powered spend anomaly detection that reduces cloud costs by up to 40%. The granular perspective enables our customers to identify cost bottlenecks up to 50% faster, leading to better resource allocation and cost-effective decision-making. 

Impetus’ CCO is designed to address the FinOps challenges faced by enterprises in managing cloud costs due to uncontrolled expansion, cloud elasticity, and outdated migration methods. It accomplishes this by expanding the lens to address the spend of enterprises’ entire data platform, inclusive of their cloud-native services across private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure. 

“We recognize the mandates and challenges customers face with managing cloud spend, and CCO helps customers pivot their strategy from being cloud-first to cloud-smart,” said Derek Larsen, Vice President – GTM Strategy at Impetus. “With AI-driven visibility into utilization across all of your cloud services and business units, we elevate engineering and product decisions to be based on value instead of arbitrary spend limitations they encounter,” he added. 

Impetus’ CCO, which is available as a service, helps customers get a handle on their cloud spend without having to get locked into another license. Larsen states, “This approach allows Impetus to go beyond baseline automation provided by other offers and frees your resources to focus on core business versus managing another tool.” Impetus does not require enterprises to adapt their internal processes to CCO, as it augments their cost governance while delivering insights and recommendations required to manage their cloud investments and maximize the ROI of their entire data estate with three core packages.

  • A free point-in-time cloud spend assessment to review and identify cost hotspots 
  • Automated assessment with an action plan to meaningfully reduce cloud spend with a cloud cost advisor
  • Ongoing tool access plus continuous support for analysis of cloud spend with recommendations for savings and optimization

All packages are designed to offer unmatched control over cloud spend with the highlighted features below: 

  • AI-powered anomaly detection with automated action and notification of cost spikes  
  • Chargebacks, cost allocation, and predictable budgets to enhance FinOps maturity 
  • Integrated view of utilization and spend across cloud services & accounts in an enterprise
  • 100+ connectors to integrate cloud services, Jira, ServiceNow, and other third-party software
  • Cross-functional collaboration with a common platform for cost visibility
  • For more features, visit Impetus Cloud Cost Optimizer Solution Brief

Impetus works with leading Fortune 500 companies and has helped set up their cloud and data infrastructures. These cloud platforms handle 10s to 100s of Petabytes of data, with mission-critical operations running on purely serverless architectures. Whether it be uncovering unsustainable licensing costs or costs around the consumption of data, CCO has helped customers reduce their monthly cloud expenditure by up to 40%. 

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