Impetus podcast series decodes the complexities of data warehouse modernization, ETL, analytics, machine learning, AI, and everything cloud. Tune in to get exclusive insights that can help you build an intelligent, data-driven future in line with your business goals.

Episode 14 (15 min)

Part 3 - Advanced Applications of AI and ML : Impact and success stories

Discover how AI and ML can help businesses innovate, improve customer satisfaction, and boost ROI. Explore specific analytics use cases where these technologies have played an integral role in customer success.

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Episode 13 (17 min)

Part 2 - Advanced Applications of AI and ML : Strategies and best practices

Learn how you can seamlessly transition from rule-based to AI/ML-based learning systems to drive your growth strategy. Understand how to evaluate enterprise readiness and create a robust roadmap for AI/ML adoption in a cloud-first world.

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Episode 12 (21 min)

Enable a holistic view across your DevOps toolchains

Enterprises typically rely on numerous metrics and dashboards to monitor the health and performance of their DevOps initiatives. However, toolchain complexities make it difficult for DevOps teams to realize a consolidated view of data across applications, infrastructure, and platforms.

Join experts from Impetus and Klera to learn how you can quickly assess DevOps success, automate strategic workflows, manage cloud costs, and resolve performance issues. Discover best practices and proven strategies to simplify the management of disparate DevOps toolchains.

Key takeaways:

  • Navigate the complexities of DevOps toolchains and avoid common pitfalls
  • Discover an out-of-the-box app for data unification, monitoring, and process automation
  • Optimize software delivery and quality through data-driven visibility

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Episode 11 (15 min)

Part 1 - Advanced Applications of AI and ML : Market landscape and opportunities

Take a deep dive into the realities of the AI and ML market landscape in the ongoing pandemic. Discover how data science can help you eliminate silos and collaborate on disparate datasets to successfully build complex models.

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Episode 10 (15 min)

Operationalize Kubernetes on cloud or on-premise with speed and reliability

Kubernetes has rapidly emerged as the industry’s de-facto platform for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. However, despite the many benefits Kubernetes offers, setting up resilient production environments on the platform can be challenging. Our latest podcast talks about some of the tools and strategies.

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Episode 9 (25 min)

Modernizing Hadoop: Strategies and recommendations

The recent surge in cloud adoption has propelled a shift to ready-to-use, on-demand services that enable advanced data analytics at a lower cost with enhanced scalability. While modernizing Hadoop-based platforms is a major priority for businesses, they face several challenges throughout the journey. Join our latest episode as we discuss some of these challenges.

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Episode 8 (15 min)

Fast-track application deployment using containers on cloud & on-premise

Discover best practices to build continuous deployment pipelines and deliver containerized applications 3x faster. Get expert insights on container quality, security, and operational checks to fast-track your release cycle.

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Episode 7 (16 min)

Key methodologies for effective image analytics

Learn how image analytics play a pivotal role in the digital transformation journey. Get insights on new-age tools and best practices to improve the accuracy of object detection.

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Episode 6 (16 min)

Top 5 strategies for interoperability in a multi-cloud scenario

Understand the nuances of interoperability and portability and learn how to achieve these in a multi-cloud setup. Our experts address specific concerns and discuss how automation tools enable interoperability.

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Episode 5 (19 min)

Impact of an intelligent data warehouse and ETL assessment

Understand the importance of automated and intelligent workload assessment and get up to speed with the latest technology and market trends. Discover effective strategies for optimizing performance in your target environment and achieving modernization goals.

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