Impetus Launches Data & AI Labs Empowering Businesses to Incubate, Innovate, and Accelerate their Data and AI Solutions - Impetus

Impetus Launches Data & AI Labs Empowering Businesses to Incubate, Innovate, and Accelerate their Data and AI Solutions

Impetus Data & AI Labs fast-track the alignment of business and technology strategies by designing customer-driven use case architectures and building implementation-ready solution prototypes

LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 20, 2023 – Impetus Technologies Inc., a digital engineering company focused on delivering expert services and solutions to help enterprises achieve their transformation goals, announced the launch of its Data & AI Labs.

Enterprises seeking to modernize their data estate and harness the power and promise of GenAI and ML-driven technologies can leverage Impetus Data & AI Labs to align their business and technology strategies more efficiently with expert-laden collaboration and frameworks proven to deliver results. To expedite the creation of solution architectures or develop MVP prototypes, Impetus offers two experiences for its Data & AI Labs:

  • Design Lab (1-2 days): In the Design Lab, Impetus collaborates closely with attendees to craft tailored solution designs and architecture recommendations.  This experience brings together your business and technical stakeholders with our expert architects and engineers.
  • Build Lab (3-5 days): The Build Lab helps enterprises transform their envisioned architecture into a validated prototype, ready for production. The collaborative lab format brings together attendees with expert architects and developers to build out a solution MVP using the customer’s technology and data.

Lab attendees can also structure the Design and Build Labs together as a single lab experience.  

“We are thrilled to introduce our Data & AI Labs, which extends our commitment to innovation and excellence,” said Chetan Kalanki, Vice President, Global Engineering Services at Impetus. “With these labs, we empower businesses to incubate groundbreaking ideas, innovate with cutting-edge technologies, and accelerate their digital transformation goals. Our comprehensive approach caters to a diverse range of use cases, making us a key driver behind our clients’ successes.”

Impetus’ Data & AI Labs are purpose built to address a spectrum of critical analytic dimensions and use cases, including: 

  • Databases and enterprise applications: Transforming legacy on-premises solutions to dynamic cloud stacks, adopting micro-services architecture, and navigating hybrid/multi-cloud scenarios 
  • AI/ML: GenAI readiness and deployment, streamlining engineering pipelines, enabling data sharing and monetization, developing custom AI solutions, and creating platforms to operationalize AI/ML (e.g., MLOps) 
  • Application and infrastructure modernization: Implementing serverless containers for DevSecOps patterns, creating end-to-end serverless applications, facilitating low/no code development, and orchestrating legacy app migration to the cloud 
  • Data lakes and analytics: Utilize data virtualization, lakehouse architecture, and fabric/mesh techniques to unify data storage, flows, and analytic processing that is capable of serving AI and other diverse data applications.

Leading Fortune 500 companies leverage Impetus’ cloud and data engineering competitive edge to their advantage. Impetus’ product engineering mindset lays the foundation of data and analytics as a service in addition to operationalizing AI/ML at a massive scale. With the launch of the Data & AI Labs, Impetus applies this expertise earlier in a customer’s data and AI journey.

About Impetus Technologies

Impetus Technologies solves the data, AI, and cloud puzzle, by combining unmatched expertise in cloud and data engineering. Impetus offers data platform engineering, AI/ML, DevOps, application modernization, and more. For more than a decade, Impetus has been the ‘Partner of Choice’ for several Fortune 500 enterprises in transforming their digital nuclei and driving unmatched innovation and growth.  

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