2X time savings with automated migration of a web builder platform - Impetus

2X time savings with automated migration of a web builder platform

Migrated more than 110000 sites to Wix with over 99% accuracy, powering unmatched customer experience


Business needs

A leading online provider of marketing products and services to small businesses wanted to migrate its web platform from the Site Builder to Wix to improve the experience of its existing customers, optimize operating costs, and increase business outcomes. They wanted a mobile-compatible platform that provides features like content management, custom domains, real-time editing, a survey builder, etc.

2X increase in migration throughput as compared to the last migration, which was 6000 sites/month



The online design and marketing firm used a Snowflake data warehouse to store data from various digital services. During the migration to the Wix platform, the Impetus team leveraged the Snowflake data warehouse to identify sites for migration.

To ensure a seamless migration, the team adhered to the following process:


In addressing the challenges of migrating to the Wix platform, the following solutions were instrumental in achieving a seamless and efficient transition:

  • ~2X increase of migration throughput with automation: Terraform scripts were employed to orchestrate component interactions, resulting in a significant boost in migration throughput
  • Microservice architecture: Streamlined migration logic into the Wix-migration-service microservice, utilizing an Aurora RDS Postgres database to store site information, track activities, site states, migration history, and customer communication. Deployed on AWS EKS
  • Workflow dashboard: Implemented a React-based responsive workflow management dashboard on AWS S3 to process, track, and manage individual site migrations
  • Secret management: Securely stored application secrets, API keys, and credentials using AWS Secret Manager

These solutions ensured a seamless and efficient migration from to the Wix platform.

AWS Stack Used

Snowflake data warehouse, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, Amazon S3, AWS Secrets Manager, Elastic Kubernetes services



With its seamless migration to the Wix web builder platform, the online design and marketing firm achieved remarkable benefits and positioned itself for future growth in the digital space. Our strategic migration solution enabled them to:

  • Drastically reduce the site migration time by more than two times 
  • Migrate and operationalize 110000 sites on Wix with over 99% accuracy 
  • Enhance customer experience with improved usability and User Experience (UX) design

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