Into the Future: Data analytics on cloud for healthcare

Join TDWI’s VP of Research chat with Impetus Technologies and Change Healthcare representatives about data, analytics, and cloud trends in healthcare for 2023

Improved diagnostics, better patient care, real-time monitoring and telemedicine, enhanced patient experience, prevention of medication errors, and streamlined operations—data analytics on the cloud can help the healthcare industry accomplish great things. However, healthcare organizations need to address multiple cloud and data challenges such as consolidating fragmented systems and data silos, integrating multiple types of data, and eliminating wasteful spending before they can reap the benefits.

A unified data platform on the cloud that powers advanced analytics and addresses these challenges can help. Further, it can also help organizations create breakthroughs in various areas such as 360-degree views of patient data; seamless integration of medical, pharmacy, and insurance data; driving exponential advances in analyzing patients’ health and behavior changes; and targeting the right healthcare audience through marketing, but what is the present state of this industry?

Join TDWI’s VP of Research, Fern Halper, in a chat with Impetus Technologies and Change Healthcare representatives about:

  • Data, analytics, and cloud trends in healthcare for 2023
  • The importance of a unified healthcare data platform
  • The future of healthcare data platforms: enabling use cases with predictive analytics, AI/machine learning, and more


Dr. Fern Halper

VP, Sr. Director Research, Advanced Analytics, TDWI

Subba Reddy

Senior Manager, Engineering, Change Healthcare

Shilpi Saxena

Senior Director of Cloud and Data Engineering, Impetus

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